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What is Nosework?

 The exciting and inclusive dog sport of Nose Work has brought the world of scent detection to the companion dog owning public for the delight the activity brings to dogs and their people. Miriam was the first Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) in Washington.  She hosts and is a Judge for NACSW ORTs (Odor Recognition Tests), is a Judge and Chief Search Designer for USCSS trials, and is a judge for AKC's new Scent Work program.   

Training Accomplishments

Since first bringing K9 Nose Work® to Washington State in 2009, Miriam has taught over 1,800 classes in 7 Northwest cities. And among the current CNWIs in WA and B.C. and CA, 9 of them received their foundation education in this exciting dog sport from her, and they are now teaching their own classes.  Another is in FL and is now working SAR dogs.  Miriam is proud to be known as 'the trainers' trainer' and is devoted to her students.  

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 ​​Miriam’s life has revolved around dogs since she was nine years old, when she trained her first dog, a German Shepherd called 'Willow Grange Loki', in obedience. She owned and trained a series of German Shepherds in her growing up years and later chose Giant Schnauzers; first as her companions and later as her working partners. Over many years Miriam has schooled her own dogs for conformation, obedience, agility, and tracking and pursued her own education in all things dog including clicker work, protection dog sports, and service dog training. Miriam’s love of scent work for dogs and her belief in their unparalleled talent for it have led her to an unusual passion and path in life.

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 From 2000 to 2015, Miriam owned and operated Verity Services, which provided drug and explosive detection dog services to schools, businesses, and private homes. She and her dogs worked in schools from Maryland to New Mexico successfully searching for drugs and other contraband to help keep children safe. In addition, for 8 of those years, she partnered with various international corporations to work their dogs to screen ships’ stores for explosives for the cruise ships sailing from Seattle during the Alaska cruise season. She and her K-9 partners searched up to ten thousand pallets a summer to keep passengers and crew from harm. During the Christmas shopping season she also worked explosive detection dogs for NW regional shopping malls.

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When not teaching Nose Work classes or individual Nose Work sessions, Miriam works with private clients' dogs to solve their behavior problems, volunteers to assist rescued Giant Schnauzers in the region, tests dogs for law enforcement careers on a pro-bono basis, and furthers her education in detection dogs, pet dog training, and selective breeding at seminars in the US, Canada, and Europe.  She also hosts multiple weekend dog training retreats and clinics presenting nationally renowned dog trainers in various disciplines at her training center The Kindred in Sequim.